Top 10 WordPress LMS Plugins to Create Online Courses

WordPress LMS plugins enable you to create a learning management system to offer and sell online courses. With the ever-increasing growth of the e-learning industry in the past few years, this is a feature that many look for. Especially if considering the fact that WordPress powers 27% of the internet.

Publishing online is becoming easier by the day, and much cheaper as well. In addition to that, many want to offer online courses as a way of sharing their knowledge with the world, and monetize it in the process. With tools such as WordPress, it has become increasingly easier to do so.

Many plugin authors have attempted to create plugins to enable you to do almost anything that your mind can conceive. In this article, a will show you ten of the most popular WordPress LMS plugins. Each one has its own benefits as will as its own set of features.

If you are looking for a solution to offer online courses with WordPress, then this article is for you. Continue reading to see what you can find for your needs.

#1 LearnPress

wordpress lms plugins

LearnPress is one of the best free LMS plugins in the market, it enables you to create and sell online courses with WordPress. Each course curriculum can be created with lessons and quizzes which you can manage with an easy to use interface. In fact, LearnPress has a beautiful and clean interface to create courses online.

Its clean user interface makes it very easy for anyone familiar with WordPress to create online courses and sell or even offer them for free. It has a drag and drop course curriculum to make it easy to adjust and rearrange the lessons within the courses.

You can sell your courses with Paypal and Stripe, and if you like you can use WooCommerce to sell your courses as well. 

This plugin also has a list of add-ons which enable you to extend its functionality so that you can do more with it. Among the add-ons for this plugin is the certificate add-on which enables you to issue certificates to your students once they complete the courses. 

LearnPress also has its own themes such as Eduma and Elearning WP, both of them integrate seamlessly with LearnPress to create a learning management system. With these two themes yo do not have to worry anymore about a theme for your courses.

Between these two themes, Eduma is the most popular and is now the number one education selling theme in Themeforest.

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#2 LifterLMS

wordpress lms plugins

Lifter LMS is another free plugin created by the guys that also created the Lauchpad theme. With this plugin, you can create a full LMS system using WordPress as a platform. If you know how to use WordPress, it becomes easy to manage and create your LMS system using this plugin.

With this plugin, you can create various courses with instructors, quizzes, and even charge for it. But what I particularly like about it, is that you can also create a membership site. The plugin has a feature to create a membership area so that you can make money by charging your students to get access to the restricted area.

It also integrates with  WooCommerce for you to be able to charge you students to have access to the courses. In addition, the plugin has its own theme called Launchpad. Launchpad was created to work specifically with Lifter LMS, it was conceived after a cry from the community for a theme that could be used with Lifter LMS.

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#3 WP Courseware

wordpress lms plugins

WP Courseware is among the first WordPress LMS plugins that were ever created. It was designed by the guys from FlyPlugins, and it enables you to create a full featured LMS system using WordPress. What is so special about this plugin is its drag and drop functionality as you create your course.

With it, you can create various courses, offer drip feed material, quizzes, certificates, and even sell or offer your courses for free. With WP Courseware you can have of having a great system to create your online school and invite other instructors to teach. 

The plugin integrates with various popular solutions to create a membership area or even to sell your courses. Among the integrations are Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, S2Member, memberpress, Ithemes exchange, and many others.

If you are looking for an easy solution to create an LMS system, then WP Courseware is what you need. The plugin has a three-tier cost structure, and you start by paying $99 for two installations, $125 for 10 installations, and $175 for 25 installations.

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#4 CoursePress

wordpress lms plugins

CoursePress is another plugin from the guys from WPMUDev, that enables you to create your very own Learning Management System with WordPress. This plugin enables to create your very own site and even comes with its own default theme to create an LMS system.

With this plugin you can create a fully featured LMS system using WordPress, and even offer a certificate at the completion of the course. Its interface is clean and beautiful but does not have many features compared to WP Courseware and Lifter LMS. But if you are looking for something simple, this is the way to go.

CoursPress comes with more than 13 built in payment gateways, giving you a number of options for you to be able to charge for your courses.

You can get CoursePress free from the plugin directory, with limited features or pay $49 for the pro version at WPMUDev.

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#5 LearnDash

wordpress lms plugins

Learn Dash is another plugin that allows you to create a fully featured LMS system with WordPress. Its user base is quite huge and is used by some well know universities and internet marketers. The plugin allows you to create and sell courses, or even offer them for free.

Among some of the features of this plugin are its ability to offer multi-tier content, drip feed, certificates and points, advanced quizzing, dynamic forums, lesson timers, and many others.

The multi-tier content functionality allows yo to break up courses into lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories. In addition, you can dip-feed content to your students according to a schedule you can stipulate.

You can also extend the functionality of LearnDash with a few add-ons such as WooCommerce, EDD, Ithemes Exchange, Memberpress, Paid Membership Pro, Gravity Forms, Jigoshop, BuddyPress, BBPress, and many others.

The plugin has a three-tier price, and you can get a one site license for $129, a 10 site license for $159, and an unlimited site license for $299.

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#6 Sensei

wordpress lms plugins

Sensei is an LMS plugin created by the guys from WooThemes, the people who created WooCommerce. Given the reputation the company has creating popular plugins such as WooCommerce, and backed by Automattic, you can be assured of having a quality plugin from them.

With this plugin, you can create courses, lessons, and quizzes to them. You have various questions types at your disposal as well as quiz grading. The plugin also allows you to sell your courses using its integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

It also comes with extensions to add certificates, content drips, media attachments, course progress, course participants, and even badges.

The plugin works well with any well-coded themes, but it has its own Sensei Themes that work well with the plugin.

Sensei has a three-tier price, for a single license you pay $129, $ 179 for 5 sites, and $279 for 25 sites.

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#7 Educator


Educator is a simple online learning management system for WordPress. With it, you can create courses and lessons, as well as create quizzes for your lessons. You can also grade courses and quizzes. It also allows you to create and sell memberships, and you can collect payments through Paypal, Stripe, Bank transfer, check and cash.

This plugin is as basic as it says it is and has nothing special to it. However, the plugin is free and you can get it from the WordPress plugin directory. 

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#8 Namaste LMS

wordpress lms plugins

NamasteLMS is a free plugin that enables you to create a learning management system with WordPress. It allows you to manage courses, create lessons, add assignments, connect exams, and manage students. 

With this plugin you can create and offer unlimited courses. You can also sell your courses using Paypal and Stripe and offer certificates to the students at the completion of the courses.

This is a free plugin and you can download and install it from the WordPress plugin directory.

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#9 StudyPress

wordpress lms plugins

StudyPress is a learning authoring tool. It allows you to create multimedia content, quizzes, and sliders in WordPress. With this plugin you can create an unlimited number of courses, lessons, and quizzes. It offers drag and drop functionality that enables the easy creation of courses and quizzes. 

It also offers support for multiple teachers using the native WordPress user roles functionality. As you can see this is a basic plugin if compared to the ones have listed in this t.

The plugin is free, and you can get it at the WordPress plugin directory.

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#10 ZippyCourses

wordpress lms plugins

ZippyCourses is a premium plugin that enables you to create and sell courses online with WordPress. This plugin was created by Derek Harpen from Social Triggers, for the sole purpose to make the process of course creation and its desirability easy. 

ZippyCourses integrates out of the box with popular third-party services such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Stripe, Paypal, and with the promise of adding more. One good thing about this plugin is that it comes with its own theme, making sure that you don’t have to tamper with other themes to present your courses.

The plugin enables you to create online courses easily and without having to tamper with code. If you are not a technical person, then this plugin is for you. 

The plugin has a two price structure, the standard package being $199, and the deluxe package which costs $299.

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As you can see WordPress LMS plugins abound and you can choose one according to your needs. Each one the above plugins can enable to build your own LMS according to your needs. With its own set of features, each of this plugin serves a particular purpose and to a specific target market.

The good thing though is that you can create and offer online courses without having to spend tons of money for that. These plugins enable you to do that. If you are still undecided with regards to which plugin you should use, I recommend that you start with WPCourseware and LifterLMS, or LearnPress.

Leave a comment and let me know what is your favorite WordPress LMS plugin.

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