What is Web Hosting and How to Choose The Best One For You

If you want to have a website or blog online you need a web hosting, this is a place where you normally host and keep all the files to be viewed in the web. All your files are located on a remote server online so that anyone with a computer and an internet connection can get access to all our data online.

To host your sites and files you need a web hosting company, this a companies that offer this specific services and have servers on places called data centers. Data centers are places where servers can stay and offer the ideal conditions for the storage of online data.

While you can have your own server and host your files in your house, this is not the ideal if you are going to offer services for clients. Such as e-commerce, payment solutions, and if you have high traffic site. This is because there are many reasons that you have to consider when storing files on a server. There are issues like security, electricity, ventilation, storage capacity, speed, performance, and all the issues that go into running a server.

So if you have a website or blog you need a server to host all our files and the best way to host your site is by looking for a reliable hosting company. Hosting companies offer different hosting packages that go according to the need of the customer.

In the next paragraphs i will cover some of these.

Seven Types of Web Hosting Services

Let’s get to know each type o web hosting services that you can usually find and see which one is best for your needs.

Free Hosting

This type of hosting is popular with services such as blogger.com, WordPress.com, Weebly, and many others. What happens is that you use their services to start a free blog on their own services. They call it a free blog because you do not pay for the server that is hosting the blog or site.

Normally, this kind of service even though it is free may come at a cost for you because there are usually adverts on your site that you cannot control and cannot remove. The other aspect to consider with this kind of hosting is that you do not have control over your files, once you start using it its theirs and you do not have a say on it. That is why is very important to read the terms and conditions of the service before using it.

This type of hosting is good for you if you are just starting out with blogging and would like to try to see how it works. So it is good to for someone who wants to taste the waters. It is not ideal if you want to share your voice with the world, if that is what you want to do you must own the platform that you use. Do not use free hosting.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting service is the most popular one because it offers the possibility to use many tools and resources from the web host company at a lower cost. This is good especially if you are starting and do not have any technical knowledge of server administration.

Shared hosting offers a variety of scripts and software that the company manages. The way it works is that your files are in the same server with many other clients. And one drawback of this service is that the company places restriction on how much you can use.

Even though they promise you unlimited traffic and unlimited space, take it as a marketing strategy because there is nothing such as that. Once your site is taking a lot of resources from the same server that others are using, you will receive a notification from the company.

However, this is the ideal type of service for somebody who is starting out and grow from there.

VPS Hosting

This stands for Virtual Dedicated Server, and what it means is that it simulates offering you a dedicated service theoretically, but in realty it is a virtual server. The difference is that few people use this server and you have root access to the server.

If you want more space, performance and relative control this is the type of service that you should consider using if the need occurs. This service is a bit more expensive than shared hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

With Dedicated Hosting you have total control of your server. The premise here is that you are hiring a server from them and need total control. With this type of hosting you need to have technical skills to know how to administer a server and install your own scripts and software.

The server is totally on your responsibility and you can do whatever you want with it without any restrictions whatsoever. Choose this service if you are looking for control, want more space, performance, and scale for your site.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting as the name suggests is for those who want to resell web hosting services. The company gives you all the tools and scripts on the server, including the client management panel for you to manage your clients. If you are thinking on starting a web hosting service business, then this solution is for you.

This is also ideal if you offer web design services for clients, and can offer this as an extra service to them.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting is a type of hosting where you offer manged hosting services for a particular software. In this particular case we can talk about WordPress managed hosting that is becoming increasingly popular. What this means is that you have all the support, services, and resources allocated for servicing WordPress in particular.

The benefit of this is that you can rely on the performance of your site under this services because they customize the infrastructure to work with WordPress. If you are looking to host your WordPress blog or site with specialized service then, this solution is for you.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a type of service in which your files are on various servers comprising a cloud. The difference between this and shared hosting is that it does not really on a single server to host all your files. Your files are all spread across various systems, offering you therefore, better performance and reliability.

If you a looking for great performance, speed, reliability, scale, and more features at a lower price, then cloud hosting is for you. Go for this service.

Best Web Hosting Companies For WordPress

Lets talk about the Best Web Hosting Companies and see which one fits to your needs.


web hosting

This is the company that is officially recommended by WordPress, they offer great service and offer hosting solutions for shared, cloud, dedicated, and WordPress Hosting. Their service is great and has the backing of the WordPress foundation to host WordPress sites and blogs.

So i recommend you to give it a go with their shared account or WordPress Hosting.

Visit BlueHost


Web hosting

HostGator is another great web hosting company and is good for anybody who is starting online and needs a cheap and reliable hosting service for his website or blog. You can start with their shared hosting service or use the WordPress managed Hosting that they offer.

Their service is good and their prices are cheap for a shared hosting. They offer you unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth.

Visit HostGator



SiteGround is a WordPress managed hosting company that excels in offering great support for its clients. Theirs services cover speed, safety, and excellent support like i mentioned already.  Their hosting services are more attractive if compared to other managed hosting companies.

You have the possibility to grow as you choose one their services as a solution to host your blog or WordPress site. And the good thing is that you have WordPress already installed in their servers.

Visit SiteGround


Managed wordpress hosting

Pagely is a company that offers WordPess managed hosting for companies, universities, and large institutions. Their WordPress dedicated services cater for those who organizations that are in need of scale and reliable WordPress hosting. Their prices are quite high, therefore, reflecting the customer base that they are catering their services for.

Visit Ppagely


Managed WordPress Web Hosting

FlyWheel is a web hosting company that offers WordPress hosting for designers. This is a company that was created with designers and design agencies in mind. If you are a designer or a design agency, the this is the perfect solution for you.  Their services exist to cater to your needs as a design agency. It is an excellent service to try.

Visit FlyWheel


Managed WordPress Web Hosting

If you are looking for enterprise WordPress Hosting, then this solution is perfect for you. You can use the services of WPEngine to host your WordPress site and benefit from a great and professional service for your business. This services promises stunning speed, security and great customer service.

Visit WPEngine

Here you have the various options to choose if you are looking host your site. While all this service are very good, they all cater to specific needs of the clients. The key is to know what you are looking for and choose so. However, if you are just starting and need to host your blog or site online, i recommend that you start with HostGator or Bluehost. But if you are looking for a WordPress managed hosting provider, start with Siteground and grow from there. Unless you are an enterprise company or massive blog with lots of traffic and requiring loads of resources, you can try WPEngine.

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