7 Critical Steps You Need To Know and Follow to Succeed Online

Creating an online publishing strategy is critical for the success of anything we want to do on the internet. We want to produce and create content and share stories and ideas that will affect lives, and make a difference in the world.

The key to have lasting success and predictable results is to follow a proven system that has passed the test of times, and it guarantees to produce results.

Even though our results may vary depending on the goals of our content strategy, the bottom line is that strategy is crucial if we are going to win the game online.

To succeed online in sharing great ideas, stories, and our messages with the world, one has to have a proven system and strategy to do so. To take a leap in the dark and expect results is irresponsible.

I would first start by defining the word system to understand the gist of this article in the ensuing paragraphs. For that, we are going to look for the definition from Wikipedia:

A system is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming a complex/intricate whole.

I would start by saying that a system is a set of interdependent steps and processes needed to achieve a desired outcome. Following which will take us to the goals  that we are set to meet.

That simple means that if we are going to get from A to Z, we cannot skip a step, it is critical that one follows the entire process from A to B, then to C…and so on.

Do Not Follow Shortcuts

Many so-called Gurus promise you heaven and earth online if you follow the latest shortcut to success. They are all lies avoid pursuing shortcuts.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency by many to follow shortcuts and push button gimmicks. In addition, i must say that the only people who stand to gain from all these unproven tactics are the perpetrators of the same.

The danger of following shortcuts is that you never get to learn what it takes to get the results that you need. The second danger is that it all stems from our impatience to follow proven systems, and wanting to get quick results.

Half-backed solutions do not work, please stay away from them.

There is a reason for the existence of systems and once you can prove that they work, you have nothing to lose. The key here is to learn all the intricate parts of the system and let the results speak for itself.

Once you have learned the system and know how to apply and make it work, all you have to do is to rinse and repeat in all your projects online. Bellow, i will take you through a 7 steps proven system for you to work with and apply in your online publishing endeavors.

1. Your Blueprint

The first step in this system is to know your blueprint, here one goes through a set of questions that will give you clarity about who you are.

This step is critical because unlike most of the systems that i have seen, it starts with you the storyteller, or the messenger. The basic premise in this case is that you are the most important person in the process.

This will also make sure that you do not lose your passion in the future and want to give up. That is why is critical that your start with yourself before with go into details about the other aspects of the system.

Once you are clear about your personal blueprint you will start living in alignment with the gained insights.

In this step, we ask the following questions:
• Who am I? (Identity)
• Where do I come from? (Origin)
• Why am I here? (Purpose)
• What can I do? (Potential)
• Where am I going? (Destiny)

The above are the five basic and most critical questions that every human being asks himself at some point in life. The path we take in life is a result of the extent to which we are clear about the answers we give.

Within those questions, there are processes that we use to enable us to get to the answers that we wish. In future articles I will go into more detail dealing with each of the questions.

Remember, in this process, clarity is the key.

Moving on without clarity is heading to disaster because you will still have the same questions ahead. So take your time and do not rush through it, then move to the next step.

Once you finish this step you will have formulated your personal blueprint, and from here on wards, you will be unstoppable.

2. Discovery

The second step in the system is the discovery process. The key issue here is to be clear about your main idea. That is, what is it that you want to share with the world? What is your story? What is your message? How do you want to give to the world?

We keep dealing down asking what is the main idea, story, message that you know the world needs for it to become a better place. We keep on with this process of distillation until we are clear. There is a basic set of questions that you need to answer at this stage:

• What is the main idea?
• Who will benefit from it?
• What is their problem, needs, challenge, and frustrations?
• How do you intend to solve this problem?
• Who is already doing it?
• What is your unique approach?
• Is there a profitable value in this idea?

So you get the gist of this process, here again the key is to get clarity about what you want to do. This will decide the type of content that you produce, the products that you create, and the information that you give.

Here you will also use a set of tools available online to aid you with the process of discovery. This is the second most important aspect of the process. If you fail by choosing the wrong idea or message, your whole attempt will fail.

The most important thing in life is not to have a great idea, it is to have an idea that solves people’s problems.

We have all heard the saying that ideas are cheap, right. Therefore, do not celebrate your idea until it can test and prove it.

It all has to be in alignment to the main idea that goes to meet the needs of your audience.
Once you finish this exercise move on to the next stage.

3. The Platform

The third step in the system is the choice of the platform through which we are going to build and deliver our message. The choice of the platform is critical to the success of what we want to do.

It is true that there are many platforms online that can and deliver content on the web, but not all are good. The fact is that each one has its set of limits due to the purpose for which the platform will.

That is why we have to be careful to choose a platform that will best help us to deliver. We need a system that is reliable, regularly maintained, secure and supported, also one that we can manage without technical skills. To achieve this there is no other platform better than WordPress to do this.

You are going to work with WordPress because it is the best Content Management System on the web. It now powers 22% of the entire web landscape, and is used by the most popular online publishers. The best of all is that this platform is free.

See this article to know why you should choose WordPress.

With this platform, you will be able to create whatever you want online, and share your ideas with the world. Once you have installed WordPress and customized it, it is time to move to the next step in the process.

4. Share

By now, you know your personal blueprint, you have gone through the process of discovery of your idea, and you have also picked the platform and have WordPress working.

It is now time to start sharing.

Here is where you make your ideas known to the world, that is, your preferred audience. You pour out your best content, ideas, and start-impacting people’s lives.

You must make sure that you hold nothing back as far as content is concerned, and for that, you will have to use all the available mediums of content delivery available. Mediums such as the following you will have consider:

• Writing
• Audio
• Video
• Podcasts
• Webinars
• Graphics

Make sure you deliver by sharing your best ideas and content with your audience.

At this stage, you also use all the techniques for writing and creating quality content. This is something that you will need to do with regularity and consistency so that your readers know when to expect content from you.

You will have to decide your content writing schedule and keep at it with consistency.

In content creation, consistency is the key.

Once you have started creating content it is time to move to the next stage.
Ready! Go!

5. Shout

Once you have started sharing your ideas with your preferred audience, the next step is to shout. Yes, this is the most important aspect of what you do, here you step from content creator to content marketer.

I know you may be thinking and telling yourself that you are just a content creator, and do not care about content marketing. If you think like that, it is time to change.

You will not get any results online unless you shift the way you think about what you do. This is the most critical aspect of the whole system. Most content creators are never known because they fail to make their ideas known to the public.

Somebody has to know that you exist and that you have ideas to share with them, especially your audience. In addition, the only way to make them aware of your existence is by reaching out to them.

Fortunately, for you there are many ways and tactics of how to do this. In addition, while you do not have to use these, the critical aspect is to shout to your world, until they hear you.

The following tactics can help you to do that:
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Social Media Marketing
• Forum Marketing
• Commenting
• Blog Outreach
• Link Building
• …..

What you have to do is to make sure that you use all the methods and tactics at your disposal to make your idea known. Because this is what is going to bring visitors to your online platform.

Therefore, you have to do all you can to capture their attention.
Please do not overlook this step because your success online depends on it.
Let us move to the next step.

6. Relate

Once you begin to get traffic from your audience in the form of visits, it is time to start building a relationship with them. Never miss the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience because it is critical to your success.

This is because some will only come to your site and never return. Now if you do not have a system in place to build a relationship with your visitors, you may lose them forever. You do not want that.

To do that you need to get permission from them to start building a relationship. You do this by creating an optin form to capture their emails.

Caution! This is not for you to spam them at will. If you do that, you will sabotage the process that you are building here. The key in this stage is to relate or to build relationships.

Get to know them, send them useful content, ask what type of content they would like to receive from you. Be of help to them until they start trusting in you.

One thing you have to understand is that trust is the most precious commodity online.

At the beginning, they do not trust you because you are unknown to them, which is why you must go out of your way to make sure that they get to know you.

This is possible by starting to communicate with them with regularity. In this aspect, you have to be careful not to overdo it, because they already receive many emails.

The key here is to be authentic and of help to your audience.

To enable you to do this you will have to build a system such as this:

• Offer something of value (eBook, newsletter, graphics, audio, videos, course, presentation);
• A Landing Page and Optin form to capture emails;
• An Email Autoresponder service

Once you have started relating with your audience through emails, it is time to move to the next and last step.

7. Leverage

If you managed to get here then congratulations. You have created your blueprint, went through the discovery process, created a platform, started sharing content, shouted to get the attention of your readers, and started building relationships.

The leverage process involves two steps, where you take advantage of your ideas to create great products to your audience.

The second step you leverage on the relationship you have built with your audience. It is easier to promote your products to them once they get to know you.

This means that first you need to know from your audience what they need. Then you start creating products that meet their needs.

Once you do this properly, you audience will reward you once you give them massive value. So make sure that whatever products you create, promote to them.

Can you see now how each step on this system builds on the other to get to the last stage? There is no room for shortcuts, there is nothing quick in here. That is why you call it a system.

To recap here are the 7 steps that you need to know to build a successful online publishing business.

  1. Your Blueprint
  2. Discovery
  3. Platform
  4. Share
  5. Shout
  6. Relate
  7. Leverage

The process is slow but it works, it is predictable, and it delivers results. So be careful to get to know the system, follow it, take action, and the results will speak for itself.

If you liked this article please help spread the word and leave your comment as well. I appreciate your feedback.

Edgar Chauque
Edgar is an entrepreneur, blogger, who likes to share ideas and build new things, as long as they help to make the world a better place. He is still fascinated by the internet and the things that you can do with it.

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