Six Ways to Share Your Ideas Online

People come to the internet in search for information, but also to share, and to connect with people. With the rise of social media it makes possible that people from different parts of the globe can connect and build relationships. That is the beauty of the internet.

The internet also makes possible the sharing of ideas, stories, our dreams, and even its realization. This is why it is known as the information highway. Through the internet so many barriers and obstacles for sharing  ideas and our stories with the world are no longer there. That is why it is so powerful.

Great ventures, businesses, companies, ideas have were launched trough the internet, when in other ways that could not be possible in the offline world. And since there are literally millions of people searching the internet on a daily basis, it makes it the perfect place for you and me to share what we have to give with the world.

I do not see any other place that makes sharing what we have so easy like the internet does. That is why i believe that we all need to leverage this massive opportunity that it is bestowed upon us and share with the world whatever is brewing within us.

Everyone Has an Idea

One of the greatest challenges that people have is to accept that they have something to share with the world. So many people make excuses saying that they do not have anything to share or to give to the world.  That is not true, because your life is the sum total of your experiences, your education, your talents , your interests and your passions.

If you look at all these assests and if i ask you what are your experiences in life, both positive and negative. What have you learned? What do you know that can benefit somebody in the world? What is your story? What ideas do you have? What are you passionate about? I am sure that you will be able to answer to at least one of these questions.

The key here is to make an inventory of your life, and start gathering all those assets that you carry in the form of knowledge acquired, experiences, talents, your passions and interests. I am sure that once you do this you will be able to come with such a mixture of things to share with the world. No matter how trivial it may look to you, i promise you it is important to others.

So do that and begin to share your story with the world, there are people who waiting to here your voice. Somebody’s life could be saved because of what you have to say . Share your failures and how you made it, somebody is going through the same experience that you went through. But doesn’t know how to get through it, so be an encouragement to somebody, be a blessing and do not hold back.

Start Telling  Your Story

Once you have made an inventory of all your inner assets, which is the combination of your skills, talents, knowledge, experiences, passions and interests, it is time to start sharing it with the world. The key here is to now finding a platform to share what you have to say.

And you are going to do that using the internet and the tools that it offers us to make it possible. So let’s get started and see what are the tools that the internet gives us to share what we have with the world.

  • Through a Blog

One of the easiest ways to get started is to create and publish a blog. A blog is a site that enables you to publish with regularity your thoughts and ideas with the world. You can publish different kind of posts and share your story with the world. In fact this is the most common way of sharing stories and ideas in the internet.

Currently there are literally millions of blogs published online and this number keeps increasing daily. As of the writing of this article there are more than 2 million blog posts published in the world. For you to start blogging you do not need any technical skills or any special know how.

There are various platforms that enable you to publish your blogs online such as: blogger, Medium,, However, if you want to take blogging seriously i advice you to start with There are many advantages to using this publishing platform.

For instance with you have total control of your site because you host it on your own server at a small cost of about $5 per month. In addition to that you can add a lot of extra features such as customization, your own logo, and be in control of your content. This is something that the other blogging platforms do not give you, you host your blog on somebody else yard.

  • Through a Podcast

Perhaps you are not the writing type, you would rather talk than writing, thank God you can do that online through podcasts. Once you do that people can listen to you through Itunes, SoundCloud, Stich, our via am RSS feed. To publish a podcast you just need a set of tools that will enable you to do that.

You start with a computer where you will be recording your message, a microphone, and for that you can use a headphone with a microphone on it, a piece of free software to record your message on your computer such as Audacity. And that is all your need. To publish it online you need to open an account on Itunes, Soundcloud, and Sticher, and you are good to go. All you have to do is to let the world know that you have a podcast and give them the address.

You can also set a blog just to publish your podcasts, which means you can call it a blogcast. So if you would rather talk than write give it a go and start publishing your podcast with the world.

  • Through an Online Course

Do you know something that can benefit the world and you would like teaching it. You can do that through an online course. Whether that be a Bible class, or you want to teach people how to do nails properly, how to sing properly, or to teach women how to do their hair. The list goes on and on, only you know what you can share with the world. And we have already established that everyone has something to share, and you can do it teaching.

With the demand for online and distance education you have a huge opportunity to teach the world what you know and do best. In addition to that you case you use the available tools to create online courses, starting with WordPress for instance. It is such a powerful publishing tool that  you should get to know.

  • Through an eBook

You can take your writing skills further by writing an eBook, and this does not have to be a daunting task for you. An eBook can be a compilation of all your ideas published on your blog, or you can create one from scratch. For that all you need to do is to use a writing software such as office word or pages if you are on a mac, and turn it into a PDF.

Turning a book into a PDF is an easy thing to do all you have to do on office word for instance is to save as and choose the PDF format. Create a nice eBook cover on Canva, and if you are not a DIY person you can get it done for you on Fiverr for just $5 bucs.

Once your eBook is ready all you have to do is to upload it to your server, and that can be easily done from within WordPress itself. And if you plan to sell the eBook just open an account on Paypal or Stripe, or use a service such as Gumroad to sell your eBooks for you.

If your want to take it one step further you can create a kindle eBook and get it published on Amazon for free, and you get a percentage of the profits. On a later post we will talk about how to publish your eBook on Kindle.

  • Through Videos

Videos have become so popular in our days, no wonder why Youtube is the number one searched site for videos online, and the is the third largest site on the web in terms of search. That is after Facebook and Google. To create videos is not that difficult, all you need is a camera and for that you can use an Android phone, Iphone, or Webcam.

So you do not need to start with expensive equipment if you do not have the cash, in fact i recommend to start small until you get comfortable with it and grow from there. These tools are for you to present on video and show your face to the world, but video is not only restricted to showing your face. You can also share screencasts.

You use Screencasts mostly for tutorials, for instance if you want to guide people in using a piece of software from your computer. Or you can even give a power point presentation from your computer and putting it on video using sreencast tools such as camtasia and ScreenFlow for Mac.

After you finish creating your videos you can publish them for free in video sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, and Wistia. So go ahead and start now.

  • Through  Slideshare

Slideshare is a place where you can upload and publish presentations you create on PowerPoint. All you have to do is to create your presentation on PowerPoint or Keynote if you use a Mac computer. After that, take your presentations and go to Slideshare open a free account and publish it for the world to see.

There are people who would rather see a presentation online and consume that information, so you do that and let the world know what you have to share with them. Just don’t keep quiet.

  • Through a  Webinar

A webinar is a type of seminar that you present through the web and do it live to a public that you invite to be part of the online presentation. This presentation is usually interactive and people can ask questions and you can answer them live.

Webinars are good to teach something, to show live how to do something, to do a live presentation while you interact with the public at the same time. They are also good to sell ideas, programs, to preach a message to your public. In summary,  you can do just about anything that you want to present online.

So there you have, i trust that this content was helpful to you, and if it was why not share it on twitter and show us some love.

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Edgar Chauque
Edgar is an entrepreneur, blogger, who likes to share ideas and build new things, as long as they help to make the world a better place. He is still fascinated by the internet and the things that you can do with it.

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