The Greatest Marketplace of Ideas of All Time

Share your ideas onlineWhen you think of the Internet what actually comes to your mind, i am not sure if a lot of people take the time to consciously think about this, but i am sure that subconsciously we all do. We all come to the Internet looking for something or to share something, and while we may use different terminologies to describe that one thing that we all search for or would like to share with others that truth is that we are all driven online by the same urge.

Most people will agree that all that people come to search for online is for information, as a matter of fact that is why it is known as the “information highway”, whether this title accurately describes the activity that takes place online or not is not the subject of this article. But one thing that most people agree with is that it is where we find the greatest database of information of all times.

What is remarkable about all this is the fact that all this information can be searched by anyone, from anywhere, at anytime and still find what is being searched for. This information can be found and shared both for free or at a cost, either way the fact is that the information is eventually there. And that is what makes me look at the Internet as the greatest marketplace of all times.

Like any marketplace that exists there is something for nearly everyone, and while many may limit to call it the marketplace for information, where people trade on information/knowledge. For the purpose of this blog i prefer to call it the greatest marketplace of ideas of all times, after all information is all about ideas.

When we trade on information what we are actually doing is trading on each others ideas for the benefit of all, at least from a more positive side. That is not to say that everything that is shared online is for the benefit of mankind, not at all, to do so would be a very naive way of looking at the reality of the online landscape.

While still being far from being the perfect marketplace, and that is not what is in question here. I must say though that is still the best place trade on ideas. It is the ideal place for all those who have something to share with the world, for all those who have found their voices but do not know how to give expression to it.

There are a lot of people with something to share with the world, brilliant ideas still remain dormant in the minds of an infinite number of people for various reasons. Some of those ideas may be the ones that will eventually start another revolution, or even improve our lives for the better if acted upon and given the expression they rightly deserve.

The Reason For this Blog

It is within the context of the above premise that this blog comes into existence, it is an idea that came to find expression online and in the process also help those who have ideas to share with the world but do not know how. We are here to learn and journey together as we all navigate through the sea of ideas that already exist online.

We all live in a world that is ruled and governed by ideas, however, we want to be the ones shaping the course of the new world. We want to be the architects of the future by sharing with the world the genius that still lies dormant within us and is crying for expression. So welcome aboard and lets change the world together.

Edgar Cha├║que.

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Edgar Chauque
Edgar is an entrepreneur, blogger, who likes to share ideas and build new things, as long as they help to make the world a better place. He is still fascinated by the internet and the things that you can do with it.

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