20 Proven Ways To Earn Money Blogging

To earn money blogging is not only a possibility, it is a reality and there are many people doing it. You too can be one of those that earn money blogging. If you have a passion, knowledge, and something that you have to share with the world, you can do that with a blog.

Perhaps you already have a blog but are wondering whether it is possible to earn money blogging. I would like to let you know that it is possible and you can make money through your blog. In this article, I will share with you some of the ways that you can use to turn your blog profitable.

This is something that we can all do and should attempt to do. You deserve to be paid for the information and knowledge that you offer.

Is it possible to earn money blogging? That is a good and valid question if you are wondering. Gone are the days in which people only blogged as a hobby or just to jot down a few ideas online.

It is important to note that making money should not be the main goal of your blog. Your blog should exist for sharing valuable information with your audience. After you do this you can build an audience and leverage on it to start making money.

Furthermore, you must be aware that without an audience you will not make money. Blogs thrive on large audiences, you need people and eyes on your blog. It should be people who like what you are sharing with them and are engaged with you.

#1 Sell Advertising Space

Earn Money Blogging

Selling advertising space is one the popular ways that people choose to monetize their blogs. But for this to work well you must have a big audience so that you can monetize it. The building of an audience should be the first step towards making money with a blog.

Once you have a large enough audience you can start charging businesses to post their adverts on your blog. Doing this you will be leveraging on your audience to share advertising space. This is the model used by magazines and newspapers in the offline and online world.

You too can do the same and start charging for advert placements on your blog.

#2 Adsense

With Adsense you can post adverts on Google on your blog and every time somebody clicks on one of those you are paid a certain amount. This is a good way to earn passive income through your blog. This model of advertising is similar to the previous one except that for this you apply on Google to place their adverts on your blog.

Once your account is approved by Google you can start bringing in traffic, and every time someone clicks on the ads you Google will pay you a certain amount. The amount that you pay depends on various factors, one of those is the number of visits that you receive on your blog. The other factor has to do with your topic because not all topics pay the same, some topics pay more than the others.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

One the ways to make money when you start blogging is through affiliate marketing. This means that you promote a product or service from a certain company and are paid a commission for each referral. Every time somebody buys the product that you refer through your blog you are paid a certain percentage as a commission for it.

This is one the most lucrative ways of starting to earn money with your blog. The commission for your referring the product varies 20%-50%, depending on the product and the company. A good place to start referring products is Clickbank or Commission Junction, as well as Amazon. With Amazon you can refer any type of product, while Clickbank is only for digital products.

Once you apply for any product you will be given a link to place anywhere on your blog and redirect your audience to the product page. You do not have to sell anything, except redirecting your readers to the product page that does all the selling for itself.

One good thing about this is that they also give you all the artwork such as banners to place on your blog.

#4 Selling eBooks

Earn Money Blogging

Selling eBooks is also a good way to start creating your own digital products. Ebooks are very easy to read and are the most popular way of sharing digital information online. To create an eBook all you need to do is to write in your favorite editor, that can be Microsoft Word, Pages, or even Google Docs. Once you finish writing you have to convert it into a PDF format.

To sell your eBook all you need to do is to use a plugin like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads and link it to PayPal or Stripe to receive payments.

You can promote your eBook to your audience through your blog.

#5 Selling Services

Offering services is one of the best ways to also monetize your blog in the beginning. You can offer services in various areas depending on your area of ability. That can be writing, designing, accounting, editing, proofreading, web design, tutoring, etc.

This is a good way to leverage your services to earn some money through your blog. This even becomes fairly easy because once you establish yourself as a credible expert through the content that you offer, it will be a no-brainer to sell services to your audience.

#6 Events

Earn Money Blogging


Running events is also a good way to monetize your blog. You can promote your events on your blog and charge for the events. Or can even have online events such as webinars, teleseminars, and charge for the events that you create for your audience.

You can create online events such as webinars with solutions like Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom.us, and Webinar Jam.

#7 Job Board

Once you grow your community you can create a job board on your blog and charge people to place their job offers on the job board. Somebody who is doing this so well is Darren Rowse from Problogger. To do something like this you only have to install the plugin WP Job Manager, set it up and you are good to go.

To receive payments you can use PayPal or Stripe. The plugin has integration with these services to make your job easier.

#8 Online Directory

An online directory is something that you can create and charge people for listings. There are various solutions online that you can use for an online directory. You can create online directories for schools, businesses, bloggers, startups, churches, companies, organizations, etc.

A good solution for an online directory for WordPress and the one I use is from PremiumPress. This is a theme that you can install and configure in your WordPress powered site. The theme allows you to charge people for their listings on the directory.

#9 Online Courses

Earn Money Blogging

Online courses are growing in popularity and almost everyone now goes online to learn something new. If you have a passion for something that the market is ready to pay for it, you can create an online course about it. The best place to start is with your own audience, you can find out from them what they would like to learn and what their challenges are.

To create an online course with WordPress is straightforward with solutions such as WP Courseware. With this plugin for WordPress, you can create more than one course with quizzes and give certificates to your students.

#10 Online Store

You can also start an online store on your blog selling your very own digital products. An online store is a good way to monetize your blog because you can sell many products, and it also runs on autopilot. To create an online store on your blog you can use plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

#11 Membership Site

With a membership site, you can offer valuable content and digital products to your audience and charge them to get access to the private area. For your clients to get access to the private area they will have to pay a certain fee. This model is good because you can charge them a monthly or yearly fee to be able to get access to the content that you offer.

With plugins such as MemberPress you can make creating a membership site a breeze.

#12 Consulting

Earn Money Blogging

Through your blog, you can also offer consulting services to your audience. Consulting is one of the best ways to make money online with a blog. This way you will be paid for helping people with their challenges in the area in which you are an expert.

You can offer consulting services in various areas depending on your skill level and charge people for it. This is a great way to monetize your strengths.

#13 Selling Physical Products

You can also use your blog to sell physical products. In this way, you use your blog as a way to promote the products that you have to offer your audience. You can do this with an online store created with WooCommerce which is the ideal solution for an online store for physical products.

#14 Promoting a Business

Most companies and business people have started using blogs to promote their businesses. Perhaps you already have an offline or even online business, and there is no better way to promote it than through a blog. If you do this you have a better way of engaging with your customers and give them a way to relate with you and your products.

As you write content related to your business your audience will begin to trust what you have to offer them, and when the time comes to make a buying decision they will choose you. Promote your business on your blog through quality content. This is one of the biggest strategies in content marketing that is very effective in attracting customers for your business.

#15 Selling Digital Products

Earn Money Blogging

Once your blog audience begins to grow you want to give them solutions to their most pressing challenges and pain points. And you do this by creating digital products that they can use as answers to their biggest challenges. Digital products are a great way to make money through your blog.

This is something that you must start doing once you have enough content to share and have a large audience to promote to. You can use a WordPress plugin such as Easy Digital Downloads to sell your digital products to your audience.

#16 Sponsored Blog Posts

Some companies, entrepreneurs, and businesses usually pay for your to write blog posts. If you are a good writer and enjoy writing you can be paid for it. Normally you can be paid to write about a specific product or service that the company offers.

You can do this on their blogs or even on your own blog to leverage your audience. The key for this to happen successfully is for you to have a large audience that can respond to such products. It is also important that this be related to the topic that you write about on your blog.

There are services such as Payperpost that enable you to do that as you approach them.

#17 Write Reviews

Writing review can also give you money as you review certain products belonging to companies and businesses. Some businesses offer to pay you to write reviews. This is also a way to earn money blogging. The key here is to write reviews of products that are solutions that your audience is looking for.

Never write reviews os products that are unrelated to what your blog covers and your audience is looking for. Otherwise, that will be a misfit and will not make any sense anyway. You also do not want to confuse your readers by writing reviews of something that they do not want.

#18 Private Forum

Earn Money Blogging

Private forums are also a good way to monetize your blog. You can create a private forum on your blog and charge your audience to have access to the forum. In this forum, you can share and discuss exclusive information where only those who pay can have access to such information.

In your private forum, you can create a community to discuss various issues related to a specific topic. An example of this is the Rise Forums, which is a community that discusses issues related to making money online with websites, blogging, and affiliate marketing.

There are various online solutions to create a forum, such as XenForo or even BBPress which is a plugin designed to work specifically with WordPress.

#19 Paid Webinars

It is possible to run webinars online and charge people to be part of the webinar. This is a good way to monetize your knowledge. You can promote your webinar to your blog readers and email subscribers for this very purpose. With solutions such as Webinars on Air and  Gotowebinar you can run your webinars online.

#20 Accept Donations

Accepting donation is also one of the ways that you can make money with your blog. Once people see that your content is valuable it will not be difficult for them to donate on your blog. You have to make room for this and ask your readers to give.

For you to do this effectively you can use a WordPress plugin like Give. This plugin makes it easy for you to ask and receive donations on your blog. This plugin uses an add-on to enable you to receive funds through your favorite payment gateways.


As you can see through the examples that I give in this article it is possible to earn money blogging. All you have to do is to choose that strategy that best suits you and that you find easy to monetize. If you are starting the best way to start making money with a blog is through affiliate marketing.

This is the way that most people start with and is the way I make most of the money with my blog.

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