10 Great Reasons to Create a Digital Business

In case you might be wondering whether you should start a digital business or not I think you should wonder no more. In this article, I will show a few reasons for you to create and start your digital business even today. The fact is that creating a digital business is possible and anybody can do that as long as they are willing to put the work.

In my humble opinion, anybody can start a business selling digital products online. That is because if you do you will be leveraging on the billions of people who daily access information through the internet. You have the biggest opportunity of our time, the ability to create an extra income from the comfort of your home.

Hopefully, this article will serve as inspiration for you to start an online business selling digital products today. You can monetize your passion and your knowledge by selling these great products that people are constantly buying online.

What is a Digital Business

A digital business is a business that you start and run online creating and selling digital products.

#1 Low Barrier to Entry

digital business

Contrary to brick and mortar type of businesses a digital business does not cost so much money to start. The costs of starting and running a digital business are so low to such an extent that anybody willing to put the work can start one.  When one thinks of starting a conventional brick and mortar business the first thing that comes to mind is where to get the finances to start.

However, when it comes to starting a digital business you do not need to worry so much about that because money is not an impediment to starting a business online. All you need to start an online business is a computer, an internet connection, and willingness to do the work, I mean working hard.

It is important to mention here that despite the fact the starting and running a digital business is cheap, it takes a lot of work to do it. It is not for the lazy ones.

#2 It’s Borderless

One of the greatest things with digital products is the fact that they are borderless or location independent. It means that people from anywhere in the world can access your products from any place in the world, as long as they have a computer or a device connected to the internet.

The internet, in fact, is known for breaking borders because people do not have to travel long distances to buy a specific product. From the convenience of my house I can access and acquire any product that I like, and you can sell any digital product to any place on the planet.

#3 It’s Easy to Scale

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Digital products scale easily without you having to create more products to meet the demand. You only create once and market it, you can sell as many copies of your products without having to worry about its quantity. But also gives you the ability to only create once and let it grow.

#4 No Inventory

With a brick and mortar business, you have to worry about the inventory of your products. You have to always be counting the number of products that are sold, and how many you remained with. But once you create your own digital products you do not have to worry about taking an inventory.

#5 Always Available

Digital products are available online 24/7 and every day of the week. The shop never closes and when you are sleeping somebody on another corner of the world is awake. And since the business does not depend on you to work people can always have access to your products regardless of whether you are available or not.

This is one the greatest benefits of having a digital business because it frees you from having to constantly work in your business. The business works all the time.

#6 Location Independent

digital business

Conventional businesses need a brick and mortar place to be able to work. You need either a shop, a warehouse, or an office to be able to run a conventional business. However, when it comes to a digital business the rules of brick and mortar do not apply, and this gives you a huge advantage.

Your business does not depend on a specific location to run, it is online and people can access it from anywhere in the world. And you can run your business from any place in the world. You can run the business from your bedroom, from a coffee shop, from a restaurant, from an office, from a plane, from the beach. It doesn’t matter, as long as you have an internet connection you can sell digital products.

This is good because you are not enslaved to a particular location to run the business, and if things do not go well where you are you are not affected at all. You can move to wherever you want to without fearing whether your business is going to work or not.

#7 Convenience

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Creating digital products offer you convenience because you can work from whichever place you like. You have the convenience of working your own hours and the hour you prefer to work. You are not bound by a specific timetable, if you like to work at night you can do that if you like to work during the day you can, and if you prefer to work in the midnight you can also do it.

You decide the time and the number of hours that you want to work. Only a digital business can give you such flexibility.

#8 Cost Effectiveness

It is usually expensive to create a physical product, you need to spend a lot of money producing it, producing the right quantities, transportation, paying for storage, and still add marketing costs to it. Whereas with digital products you do not have to worry about any of those things.

A digital product is something that you create once, and spend the rest of the time marketing. Because the products are digital they do not have large costs of production, no transportation is necessary, and you do not need to pay for the storage place. Normally your digital products are stored on your server, and you only pay either for your server or an online storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

#9  Passive Income

Passive income is something that we all dream about. It is the idea that you create once and let the money come in. Once you have created and marketed your products, you can be paid even while you sleep. In this case, it is the money the works for you and not you working for money.

There are very few businesses that give you the possibility of earning passive income, and a digital business is one of those. There is just a good feeling about the fact that you only have to create once, and then see the money come in.

#10 Automation

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Most of the benefits of creating digital products that we talk about here are possible due to automation. If it was not for that it would be impossible to run any business online. The ability to set business systems online enables you to set your business on auto pilot. Thus, enabling you to rest while the business is running.

With digital products, you can automate the selling process, the delivery process, the storage process, even the communication and the notification process. This removes all the worries and concerns that can come with running a business.

Automation is the biggest advantage of running a business online. Without it, wouldn’t be possible to have a digital business and have all its benefits.


I hope that the benefits of creating a digital business are enough to convince you to start creating your own digital business. If you were wondering whether it is something that you should do or not, here you have enough reasons to start your own digital business today.

With all that said it is now up to you to start creating your own digital products and turn them into a sustainable online business. You can now go ahead and start yours, and let us know in the comment area what business you are going to start o nline.

Edgar Chauque
Edgar is an entrepreneur, blogger, who likes to share ideas and build new things, as long as they help to make the world a better place. He is still fascinated by the internet and the things that you can do with it.

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