3_0065Hi there, my name is Edgar Chauque and i am a lover of God, entrepreneurship, and technology, with special interest to web-based technologies and online publishing. I am from Mozambique and living in the capital city Maputo.

I am a WordPress enthusiast, consultant, and aspiring podcaster. I must say that i am a great advocate of WordPress, and is the only platform i use and recommend to build a publishing platform online. All the blogs and websites that i build are all based on WordPress, and after using it for about five years now i have decided to help those who may want to publish online to use it.

A Story About How This Blog Came About

After a few years of building platforms for people online, i realized that there are a lot of people who have great ideas to share with the world, but find it challenging to do so because of the hurdles that they found on the way. Those challenges stem from not knowing the available technologies to aid them, not knowing how use platforms such as WordPress, not knowing how to blog, not knowing how to use social media up to being completely ignorant on how to use the Internet to share their voices with the world.

A few years ago i was in Johannesburg and while there i was invited to attend a book fair by a pastor friend o mine who was hosting the event. It was an event for Christian book writers, and while i was there i could see some familiar and many um-familiar faces. All of them with one thing in common, they where there to present and sell their books to the small group of people who made to the fair.

And as i was going through the books and meeting the writers, i had the opportunity to converse with some of them, and there was one common challenge that i heard from them. And that is not a new challenge at all, if you have already published a book you know the challenge quite well. They were all facing the challenge to market and sell their books.

That is when a light dawned on me that these people where missing a huge opportunity to publish their books to a wider audience, and without having to spend a lot o money. As i began to share with them what they could do to widen their reach i could see their eyes lightning.

But it was not until a year after that the idea for this blog came, however i never launched it until i came across the book by Bernadette Jiwa Make Your Idea Mater, which i encourage you to read. It’s such an inspiring book, in fact it was the book that inspired me to start the blog and in 2013 i launched Share Your Ideas Online.

It is based on the above premise that i launched this blog, with the aim to help and enable people like you to share your ideas online. That is why the tagline of this blog is “Helping You Share Your Ideas Online“, and every content produced in this blog is with that intent in mind.

Why Share Your Ideas Online

I launched this blog with the aim of challenging and inspire people like you who have a voice, a story, an idea, to share with the world, to leverage the tools available online to do so. And i feel i am better qualified to do this because i have created solutions through the internet since the  year 2011, and in all these years i have worked with a lot of different projects. I am passionate about publishing online, and i believe that it is the greatest opportunity that humanity has ever seen.

So that is why this blog exists, it is to make you more visible and to help you in leveraging on the opportunities that are already available through the internet. And being a Christian i agree a lot with the shared values of the Christian faith.

And for me being a Christian is about sharing, this is the basic tenet of this wonderful faith. We are here because God shared His best with us, therefore, i believe that we all have something to share with the world and thus make it a better place.

So you are welcome to this community, i want you to feel comfortable and share your ideas and your most treasured stories with the world. Lets walk together and rock the world with the message that God has given to each of us. I am your brother and you are welcome here, and i mean it, no matter how small you may think your story is, i am here to help you to unleash it and share it with the world.

I am ready to pull on my storehouse of knowledge, skills, experiences, and with the help of the community to make you a world changer. And if i cannot help you, i will find somebody that can, for sure there is somebody out there that can help you make it possible.

What You Will Find in This Blog

I am not sure how you got here, but i hope that you found what you came looking for. In this blog i share about

  • publishing online,
  • creating a blog,
  • creating eBooks,
  • creating digital content,
  • creating online courses,
  • i also talk about WordPress, the best online publishing software in the world.

So You are welcome and lets change the world together. Feel free to hook me up and send me a personal message.

From your brother in Christ!
Edgar Chauque